My previous dentist put six crowns in, but the metal would make my gums bleed every time I smiled. When Dr. Knoll told me about advanced, no-metal ceramic crowns, I jumped at the opportunity. Now, no one can even tell I have crowns. They’re truly amazing!

- Laura

My son still had a huge overbite at age 22. He was afraid to smile, shy, and I wasn’t sure what to do. When Dr. Knoll said he could reconstruct my son’s smile with crowns and oral surgery, I didn’t believe him. One year later, my son has a perfect smile and is a successful salesman. Dr. Knoll turned his life around.

- Julie

My wife wanted to get rid of me because of my dentures. They were such a burden and limited what I could eat. Then Dr. Knoll told me about dental implants. Truth is, they changed my life. They look and feel like my natural teeth! I now eat what I want, when I want. And I’m still married!

- Steve

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