As we age some of our priorities change. The goal of remaining healthy should be constant throughout one’s life. Dental health is extremely important because a proper diet is important to maintaining general health. Treating chronic dental pain is often deferred by retired patients because there are other health concerns that are given higher priority. Most people are still quite healthy when they retire. If you have good dental health upon retirement then regular preventive care can help you maintain that good health for the rest of your life. On the other hand if you have ignored your dental health during your career the best time to invest in dental health is now. Getting your mouth into optimal health while you are otherwise healthy will help you enjoy eating for the rest of a hopefully long life. Ignoring dental problems when they are your only health problems means that later in life, your dental problems may potentially be compounded other health issues. Patients with poor general health often have limited choices of dental therapy because their bodies do not respond well to therapy available to healthy patients. Poor dental health affects your breath, it affects how you look and feel. These are priorities that should not change and we would like the opportunity to help you meet them.

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