The natural beauty of a perfect smile is a major factor in making a good impression on others. Some people are blessed with this perfection or close to it and require little restorative dentistry to look good. Others, due to disease, age or genetics are not so fortunate. Broken teeth, misplaced teeth or missing teeth are not alone in the problems they create. Your mouth and teeth change with time often in response to a single tooth having a problem early in life. Creating an optimal smile and optimal dental health are not two different challenges, but two sides of the same coin. Teeth which are properly placed and in proper function and are regularly cleaned and cared for have a much better chance of lasting a lifetime than teeth which are haphazardly positioned. Properly restored teeth have the esthetics we instinctively recognize as pretty.

As a dentist we see all varieties of dental conditions. Our experience treating patients over the years has given us the perspective on how best to approach the challenges each person brings. While some cases may require involved care, we always look for a simple but elegant way to achieve beauty and function.

As our patient we will attempt to bring you along as a partner in the process of creating your smile. No care will proceed until you understand what we are attempting to accomplish and how we are going to attempt it. In the end our goal is to give both a beautiful smile, and a reason to show it.

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