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Your First Visit

Most patients are nervous when coming to a new dental office for the first time. If you come to us with an urgent problem, it will be addressed immediately. If you are coming to us because it is time for regular care, your first visit might be different from what you have experienced in the past.

Creating Smiles

The natural beauty of a perfect smile is a major factor in making a good impression on others. Some people are blessed with this perfection or close to it and require little restorative dentistry to look good. Others, due to disease, age or genetics are not so fortunate. Broken teeth, misplaced teeth or missing teeth are not alone in the problems they create.

Senior Smiles

As we age some of our priorities change. The goal of remaining healthy should be constant throughout one’s life. Dental health is extremely important because a proper diet is important to maintaining general health. Treating chronic dental pain is often deferred by retired patients because there are other health concerns that are given higher priority.


Most of us live busy lives and unexpected dental problems rarely come at a good moment. In keeping with our ongoing commitment to our patients, Drs. Friedel and Knoll will do their best to help patients of record as quickly as possible. Depending upon the nature and severity of your emergency we will work with you and that may include a visit outside normal business hours.


Dental implants have been a viable option for patients for more than thirty years. Implants are perhaps the single most transformative procedure ever incorporated into dental care. Dental implants provide us a way to anchor tooth replacement (prosthetic) devices in your mouth which otherwise would depend upon strong, healthy teeth.

Your perfect smile is just a click away!

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