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About Our Practice

Dr. Alan E. Friedel and Dr. Frederick E Knoll are both experienced dentists who never forget that you, our patient are a unique person and so are your dental concerns. Whether your needs are simple or complex we will pay attention first to you, and then to the details of your case as we arrive at a treatment plan which will blend aesthetics, precision and comfort all for optimal dental health. Drs. Friedel and Knoll have served the dental community in many capacities during their careers and bring all we have learned back to you in the form of enhanced care.

The doctors continue to derive personal and professional pleasure from their practice and look forward to meeting you as our practice continues to grow.


Dr. Alan Friedel

Dr. Alan Friedel

Alan E. Friedel DDS grew up in North Miami Beach, graduated from North Miami Senior High School and went to Tulane University. Upon transferring to the University of Georgia, he met his wife Suzanne. After graduation they moved to New York City so that Alan could attend New York University School of Dentistry where he received his doctorate in 1980.

Dr. Friedel has been extremely active in local community affairs, state and national affairs concerning dentistry and dental health. On a local level, he has served as President of Temple Solel in Hollywood Florida. On a professional level, he was an Adjunct Professor at the University of Florida College of Dentistry. After serving as President of the South Florida Dental Association, Dr. Friedel became a Trustee from that district to the Florida Dental Association. He eventually became President of the Florida Dental Association in 2005 where he shaped professional standards for dentists who were members of the Florida Dental Association. He continued this role as Speaker of the House of Delegates of the Florida Dental Association from 2009 – 2012. The South Florida District has an annual award for the outstanding dentist of the year and it is called the “Alan Friedel Award”. On a national level, Dr. Friedel was appointed to or counseled various committees of the American Dental Association, where he continued his work on setting standards for dentists on a national level. Every dentist in the United States uses insurance codes on a daily basis that were developed by Dr. Friedel when he chaired the American Dental Associations Committee on Insurance Coding. He continues to this day as a consultant to the insurance industry on dental coding issues. He has been awarded two Presidential Citations for his council and outstanding contributions to the American Dental Association. He is a member of the American Dental Association, a Fellow of American College of Dentists and a Fellow of the International College of Dentists.

Dr. Frederick E. Knoll

Dr. Frederick E. Knoll

Dr. Knoll attended undergraduate school at Temple University and Hofstra University. He received his Doctorate in Dentistry at Case Western Reserve University in 1971. After two years as a dentist in the United States Army, Dr. Knoll went into practice in Brooklyn, NY with this father. In 1976, Dr. Knoll moved to South Florida. Dr. Knoll has held academic positions as an Assistant Clinical Professor as Nova Southeastern University in the department of Prosthodontics where he taught both Pre Doctoral students and Post Doctoral Students. He was also a Full Professor at the University of  Florida School of Dentistry where he taught Post Doctoral residents in Prosthodontics. He now holds the post of Department Head of Prosthodontics at the Florida Institute of Advanced Dental Education, where he teaches Post Doctoral residents and practicing dentists in the field of Prosthodontics (crowns, bridges, implant restorations and cosmetic dentistry). He has lectured extensively on the field of Prosthodontics both locally and nationally for the last twenty years. He is a member of the American College of Prosthodontics, The American Dental Association, and a Fellow of the American College of Dentists.


Our Mission

It is our mission to provide the finest and most up to date dental treatment to the general public. We will do this using the most modern materials and techniques currently available. We will stay current with all advances in the field. Our pledge is to provide this treatment in an atmosphere where all the staff and doctors will address your concerns, and treat you with the utmost care and respect that you deserve and expect.

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